GULF NEWS about the KLASSEN Stretched and Armored Range Rover

04 May 2020

This Range Rover has been stretched - and armored!

Klassen, the German company that specializes in building ultra-luxurious vans for the extremely rich, has revealed its latest project – a stretched Range Rover SVAutobiography.

Designed as a presidential limo, the Range Rover features Level 7 ballistic protection and can keep its VIP occupants safe from multiple shots from a military assault rifle. It also has bulletproof tyres which are guaranteed to drive a distance of up to 80km.

Compared to a stock SVAutobiography, Klassen’s is 40in longer and has loads of interior room. The rear passenger compartment – which features two extra seats that can be hidden away - is completely separated from the driver and extra privacy is assured by the electric curtains.  

Klassen has not revealed a price but it won’t come cheap; a stock model starts from around $193,000 – but as the video proves, this one is far from stock…

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