14 Oct 2021


Rolls-Royce Cullinan is anything but an affordable SUV from the factory. You have to plan and spend at least 330.000 euros Black badge costs around 400.000 euros with a little additional equipment. But if that's still not enough for you, and if you're looking for an even more expensive version of the Cullinan, you have it Class automobiles a variant at the start of which a vehicle is currently for sale. And that costs about twice as much as the regular Cullinan. Guilt is a massive list of additional security features due to a 360 degrees of armor. Classes built in in and on Rolls-Royce Cullinan uses CEN 1063 level BR6 armor and combines it with a special one Overlap systemwhich is integrated in all door seals. Roof and floor are also armored and can withstand the pressure of two DM51 hand grenades that explode at the same time. Classes built in multi-layered all around bulletproof glass, while the rest of the ballistic protection the vehicle battery and the electronic control modules secures.

Are also installed reinforced door hinges and at particularly critical points on the body and the chassis reinforced components and tires with it Emergency running properties. But you hardly notice anything inside. There are also plenty of additional options here on request Customization options with high-end materials in at least OEM quality. The German company converts every vehicle at the customer's request, leaving the exterior design as original as possible. The armored Cullinan from the pictures is currently available for 833.000 euros (including taxes) and the conversion took about 3 months from the order.